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Vending Machines: Neanderthal Style

Just what a hungry caveman needs. READ MORE

Gaga Sandwich with Beyonce on the Side

Some fine sandwich-making tips to be found in Lady Gaga and Beyonce's most recent video, for "Telephone." Also notable: smokin' sunglasses,... READ MORE

Friskies Cat Food Makes Your Cat Have Visions

Friskies apparently has heretofore unguessed-at psychedelic properties. READ MORE

A Video History of Craft Beer

A new video from venerable Sierra Nevada Brewing Company pinpoints its importance in the birth of the craft beer industry. READ MORE

Powerthirst Will Make You Have 400 Babies

It's the drink that makes you uncomfortably energetic! READ MORE

When Sigg Battles Dasani

McDonald's can't plug an aluminum water bottle without reminding us of how great regular old bottled water is, too. READ MORE

It’s Not Stealing, It’s Unauthorized Takeout

All-you-can-eat means all you can eat over a period of a few days, right? READ MORE

Did Captain D’s Bite Mr. Spriggs’ Action?

Slow jam jingles sell ribs. READ MORE

Beer Movies! (And Some Wine.)

Tools making wine, Michael Jackson, and craft-brewing hijinks in Norway. READ MORE