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Cut Your Way to a Better Hot Dog

Serious Eats finally addresses the always pressing "how can we make hot dogs fun to eat?" question with a knife skills tutorial t... READ MORE

Blockheads Trash Blockheads

Restaurants are generally civil places, free of bare-knuckled melees; not so this New York burrito-den. READ MORE

The Food World According to Titli

Titli's Busy Kitchen is a everything a web cooking show should be: concise, accurate, and unpretentiously entertaining. READ MORE

What Should I Think About Jolene Sugarbaker?

Jolene, Jolene: Funny or not? READ MORE

The Pub Queue Problem, Solved

A bit of light food and drink- (well, mostly drink-) related British humor hi-jinks fit for a Friday. READ MORE

Watermelon Nights: The Video

Stop-motion watermelons may just have provided us with the feel-good summer jam of the year. READ MORE

The World’s Greatest KC BBQ Video

Tech N9ne's video for O.G. represents one of the greatest tributes to midwestern grub ever recorded. READ MORE

Seeds for a Time of Need

After the great fire/flood/earthquake, we'll need seeds all right. READ MORE

Chew on This

Gumby likes to chew gum. Sure! And pigs like to eat bacon. READ MORE

The Exoticism of Marshmallow Fluff

A trend forecaster's visit to a German grocery store reveals an interesting ethnic section: "American." READ MORE