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‘Paris Can Wait’ Star Diane Lane Delves into French Fare

‘Paris Can Wait’ Star Diane Lane Delves into French Fare

"You can't leave until you eat every last bite," Chef Maria Sinskey tells the cluster of film and food media at her cooking demonstration and lunch party during the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan. That's where Sinskey whipped up the dishes from Paris Can Wait, a sensual, nuanced movie opening May 12 in New York and California. READ MORE

What is Wine Harvest Season All About?

What is Wine Harvest Season All About?

As dawn breaks each morning this time of year, millions of grapes glisten with dew like clusters of jewels hanging heavy in the vast vineyards. These canary diamonds and amethysts are waiting, just waiting to be plucked and appreciated. READ MORE

Chunky Monkey, Big in Japan

Chunky Monkey, Big in Japan

A line of at least 60 people huddled under umbrellas in a relentless spring rain in Tokyo's Harajuku neighborhood. What were they all in line for? As I got closer it dawned on me: free ice cream scoops to mark the opening of Ben & Jerry's Japanese flagship store. So far on this vacation, I hadn't thought much about sweets. Most restaurants in Japan didn't serve dessert, and if they did, it was usually a sticky, chewy mochi concoction. But I did notice that sweet shops abounded in Kyoto, with displays of beautifully wrapped boxed things—typically mochi sheets wrapped around fillings mostly made of bean paste. But the products all looked the same, a bit sterile, even boring. READ MORE

The SXSW Eat Sheet: CHOW’s Favorite Restaurants in Austin

The SXSW Eat Sheet: CHOW’s Favorite Restaurants in Austin

SXSW CHOW's Eat Sheet Heading to SXSW (March 9-18 in Austin, Texas)? Don't forget to stop by the CHOW/Foodspotting... READ MORE

A West Sonoma Road Trip

Tasting rooms and dining rooms in our favorite slice of Northern California wine country. READ MORE

Destination: Open-Air Bars in Budapest

Enjoy drinks on the Danube. READ MORE

Destination: Twin Cities Crawl

Well fed and hung over at the 2008 Republican National Convention. READ MORE

Destination: Denver on the Cheap

Kingpin food on a volunteer budget at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. READ MORE

Grit and Grub in San Francisco’s Tenderloin

From down-and-out to up-and-coming-- the city's next Mission District. READ MORE

Drinking and Eating at Vancouver Izakayas

A raucous crawl through Japanese small-plates-and-beer joints. READ MORE