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Metrosexuals Don’t Tailgate

Episode 6: Beer and sports bring the pretty boy down. READ MORE

Kiss Her Goodbye

Episode 5: Are two women allowed to show affection on Top Chef? READ MORE

Good Morning, Swiss Chard

Episode 4: One chef is deemed too meek for the Top Chef kitchen. READ MORE

Rick Bayless Can Go “Screw Himself”

Episode 3: Dissing high-end Mexican food gets one chef the boot. READ MORE

No Hometown Advantage

Episode 2: Top Chef Chicago eats one of its own. READ MORE

On to Chicago

Episode 1: A new raft of Top Chef contestants enters the kitchen. READ MORE

Top Chef Season 3 Round Table

Our media experts hash out the intricacies of the third season. READ MORE

Hung Wins Top Chef

The arrogant one prevails over the female one and the gay one. READ MORE

Over Hill, Over Dale

The _Top Chef_ battle comes down to technique over soul. READ MORE

Casey, Drop the Roe

Casey Thompson: not the first female Top Chef READ MORE