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Culturally Insensitive Takeout

Dear Helena, My in-laws, who are in their 50s, insist on referring to Chinese food as "Oriental food," and it drives me crazy. My husban... READ MORE

Avoid Farmers’ Market Faux Pas

Dear Helena, I'm a regular at my local farmers' market. Most of the people who come to shop are pretty nice. But some are downright rude... READ MORE

Avoiding Dinner-Party Wine Gaffes

Dear Helena, We took a nice bottle of white wine to a dinner party and the hosts didn't open it, which was fine. But at the end of the night, they insisted we take the bottle home with us, saying, "We never drink white wine, so we'd really rather you take it home and drink it." Were they rude to give us our wine back? —We Felt Dissed READ MORE

What Food to Bring New Parents

Some friends of mine just had a baby and I want to drop by with some food, as I understand new parents are totally exhausted and don’t even have time to boil an egg. But what should I bring? READ MORE

Is This Salmon Farmed?

How to ask your server about sourcing. READ MORE

I Spit on Your Meat-Raising Livelihood

How do I break my vegetarianism to my boyfriend's meat-loving family? READ MORE

Does My Waiter Hate Me?

What you can do to make his job easier. READ MORE

Quorum Call

When not enough people RSVP, is it OK to cancel a party? READ MORE

Refuse Dessert Politely

Don't resort to the Windex diet. READ MORE

The Lady Will Have the Prawns

On guys ordering for gals. READ MORE