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Experimental Seating at Dinner Parties

Dear Helena, I want to have a little dinner party at my house but (a) am lacking six matching chairs, (b) have a very small dining room ta... READ MORE

On the First Date, Who Pays?

Dear Helena, I go on a lot of first dates on, and it's getting really expensive. If I see a woman more than once, she usually of... READ MORE

The, Um, Breast Milk in the Fridge

Dear Helena, I pump milk at work for my baby and store it in the office fridge. I also leave parts of my pump drying in the drainage rack.... READ MORE

Should I Take My Hat Off at a Restaurant?

Dear Helena, I was brought up to remove my hat whenever I was indoors. Nowadays, I often see young people eating out at restaurants wearin... READ MORE

How to Deal with Backseat Grillers

Dear Helena, I like to grill, but there is one dude who always tries to take over when I throw a barbecue. He's just trying to help, but i... READ MORE

No Special Treatment for Vegetarians at Barbecues

Dear Helena, I'm throwing a barbecue and want to know how much I'm supposed to bend over backwards to accommodate vegetarians. Thanks. &md... READ MORE

How Much Should Houseguests Treat?

Dear Helena, When I'm a houseguest for a short period of time (two or three days), I buy at least one dinner and usually one breakfast as... READ MORE

When Restaurants Refuse Substitutions

Dear Helena, I went to this new gourmet burger place where they have a bunch of different burgers on their menu. The one I asked for came ... READ MORE

How to Handle Blood Sugar Crashes

Dear Helena, My boyfriend is the type of person who turns into a complete lunatic if his blood sugar drops too low. If we're at the restau... READ MORE

My Server Is Stoned!

There is no reader question this week. Instead, Helena has a topic she'd like to address. Recently, San Francisco Chronicle<... href="" class="more-link" title="My Server Is Stoned!"> READ MORE