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Turning the Tables

Can a restaurant kick you out when you've finished eating and it's busy? READ MORE

Butter Me Up

Modern bread-plate etiquette. READ MORE

Just Watch Me Drink

How to deal with prissy nondrinkers. READ MORE

Doggy Bag Dilemma

Is saving leftovers ever a bad idea? READ MORE

’Snot Appetizing

Is it impolite to blow your nose at the table? READ MORE

We’ll Just Split This

Is it rude for two diners to halve one dish at a restaurant? READ MORE

Gotta Take This Call

Is it OK to answer your cell phone during dinner? READ MORE

Wow, You Eat a Lot

Is it rude to comment on how much a woman can put away? READ MORE

Foot Fetish

What's with the "shoes off" rule? READ MORE

On the Rise

When are you supposed to stand at a meal? READ MORE