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Table Manner Tips That Would Make Mom Proud

Table Manner Tips That Would Make Mom Proud

No, we're not in the buttoned-up 1950s, and you might not eat many dinners where there's a question of which fork to use. Considering how many of us eat at our desks, on the couch, or in the car, the idea of following a bunch of table manners seems to apply to our lives less and and less. Maybe the point is moot in your solo meals, but when eating with others at home or at a restaurant, spare your dining partner the embarrassment or disgust that comes from tossing out all the rules. Let your mother feel like she did a good job raising you. Show her some of those teachings from childhood actually stuck. We're all for enjoying our food with abandon and letting loose, but you don't have to be gross or gauche about it. READ MORE

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