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Take a Hit of the AeroShot Caffeine Inhaler

Take a Hit of the AeroShot Caffeine Inhaler

AeroShot Pure Energy is the equivalent of a vaporized cup of coffee. And it's Supertaster's favorite new caffeine delivery device. WATCH THE VIDEO!

Can McBites Modernize the McNugget?

Can McBites Modernize the McNugget?

New little chicken bits are McDonald's defensive move against Popeyes and KFC. WATCH THE VIDEO!

Self-Medicating Through Magical Food

It's hard not to be drawn in by extraordinary claims. When a company willingly raises the bar, it's you, the consumer, who gets to bitterly complain at length when the product falls flat. And if it doesn't, well, huzzah, you've enjoyed whatever extraordinary offering has been dangled in your direction. Whole Foods is ground zero for some of the most interesting and extreme claims in the world of food—its customers have an interest in self-medicating through magical food, and said customers have the money to do so. And it was at Whole Foods that I stumbled upon the prominently displayed Green SuperFood Orange Dreamsicle Drink Powder. READ MORE

Special K Goes Beyond ’80s Cereal

If you think of Special K as just a cereal, get your mind out of the '80s and catch up on the current plan. The Cracker Chips represent just a fragment of the Special K diet brand's expansion in recent years: Starting with the eponymous cereal, the line has grown to include "craving curbing" cereal bars, protein shakes, and even protein water mixes, leveraging the cereal's lean-and-healthy image and position as a de facto diet staple. In total, the Special K website lists more than 40 products distributed among 9 categories. You can even surf the list by craving if you want, choosing from salty, chocolatey, fruity, or nutty. READ MORE

Milk Substitute Made out of Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds seem like an unlikely cornerstone upon which to establish a food culture, but they have the capacity to make a big impact. In the Midwest, sunflower oil is being touted as a locavore alternative to olive oil—lacking much of the character and flavor, surely, but picking up points for a high smoke point and its vitamin E content. READ MORE

Taco Bell Burrito Too Flamin’

Was it spicy heat or just salt that was burning my palate after I took my first bite of Taco Bell's newly reintroduced Beefy Crunch Burrito? And did the answer really matter? (The answer was, "A little from Column A and a little from Column B," as it turns out.) Each 500-calorie Beefy Crunch Burrito is packed with Flamin' Hot Fritos (ah, that "Flamin' Hot" is probably the source of the nondescript burn), seasoned beef, smashed-up bits of rice, a very modest amount of reduced-fat sour cream (why reduced fat? is this meant to be a diet burrito?), salty nacho cheese sauce, and 1,060 milligrams of sodium—a bit less than half of your daily allowance, if you're young and healthy. READ MORE

Momofuku Milk Bar Cookies—from a Mix!

If you're not already aware of (and in awe of) the David Chang/Momofuku Ssam Bar/Noodle Bar/Ko/Milk Bar empire, you're unlikely to like the idea of giving 16 of your hard-earned dollars to Williams-Sonoma for the right to make 9 to 12 fancy cookies. READ MORE

“Gourmet” Desserts Are Anything But

In their initial press release last November, Circa dessert mixes were billed as "the First Line of Easy-To-Make Gourmet Dessert Mixes." It's an appealing idea, and the boxes are lovely, sporting crisp, elegant food photography, classy fonts, and an awful lot of sexy white space. But as much as I hate to suggest that a press release might be insincere, this particular communication missed the mark. READ MORE

Fantastic Frozen Dinners

The pretense of Schwan's Bon Appétit brand of frozen meals (no association with the magazine of the same name) hits you in the face like a challenge. There are the upscale themes of the meals themselves (Smoked Apple & Uncured Bacon Chicken, Lemon Butter Chicken with Israeli-style couscous, etc.), there's the parchment bag that encloses each meal, and—most notably—there are the wine recommendations and suggestions for homemade-side-salad pairings on the back of each meal. READ MORE

Natural Licorice Gets Deep

When you first open a package of the red variety of Natural Vines licorice, a smell comes flooding out of the package, and it takes you a moment to place it. It's a bit floral, a bit fruity—what precisely is that? Ah yes: strawberry. READ MORE