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Birthday Cake–Flavored Kefir

The 25th anniversary edition of Lifeway Kefir supposedly tastes like birthday cake. This merits investigation by Supertaster. ... READ MORE

Not Craving Kellogg’s Krave Cereal

Kellogg's new chocolate-stuffed Krave cereal brings some serious liabilities to the breakfast table. (If you want to see the video review o... READ MORE

How to Roast a Marshmallow

How to Roast a Marshmallow

No product review today. Instead, Supertaster offers two wrong ways and one correct way to reap the potential deliciousness of a roasted ... READ MORE

Field-Testing Team Realtree Energy Drink

Supertaster takes an Outdoor Energy drink made by the Realtree camouflage folks to Minnesota's George H. Crosby Manitou State Park for a tr... READ MORE

Hot2Go!: Laziest Coffee in the World

Hot2Go!: Laziest Coffee in the World

Supertaster starts his early morning with a premade can of microwaveable coffee called Hot2Go! ... READ MORE

The Cynicism of Bob Marley’s One Drop Coffee Drink

Would the late, great Bob Marley sign off on the One Drop mocha drink that bears his likeness? Impossible to say, but it seems highly unlik... READ MORE

New Signature Sides from Wendy’s

Wendy's has rolled out a line of three new "Signature Sides" to compete in the never-ending fast-food wars. Will they do any good? ... READ MORE

$18 Worth of Gourmet Peanuts by Lord Nut Levington

Can the marketing hype and upscale flavors of Lord Nut Levington's peanuts (Rebel Mary, Thai Dyed, Cinnapplooza) live up to the serious pri... READ MORE

The Taste of Choffy, Cocoa Beans Brewed Like Coffee

Supertaster samples three varieties of Choffy, a beverage brewed like coffee but made from roasted and ground cocoa beans. ... READ MORE

A Taste of Nutella (and a Look at Its Nutrition)

In the wake of a class-action suit against Nutella for misrepresenting its product as a healthy breakfast for kids, Supertaster samples the... READ MORE