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Converting a Fish-Hater? Try These Restaurants

When you're dining with someone who finds the idea of fish a bit dodgy (particularly when there's a face attached to said fish), where sh... READ MORE

Nieves Cinco de Mayo Opens in San Francisco

Note to ice cream obsessives: Chowhound bigwheel042 sends word to head to Mission Market, where you'll find the newest outlet of Nieves C... READ MORE

Dinner and a Drink: Pair Front Porch with Rock Bar

Rock Bar, from the Front Porch folks, offers the full bag of mixology tricks, from tinctures to infusions, says Chowhound mariacarmen. To... READ MORE

Cijjo Lights Up Mountain View Small-Plates Scene

It's too early for a final judgment on Mountain View newbie Cijjo, but one Chowhound member says that the "energetic" and "serious" appro... READ MORE

To-Go Food for Flights from SFO?

Departing out of SFO and want to pick up something in downtown San Francisco to eat on your flight? One good option is a stop at the Inte... READ MORE

Sunday Dinners at St. Vincent

Though St. Vincent on Valencia Street normally closes on Sundays, it's worth noting that occasionally they open for special dinners adver... READ MORE

Lao Restaurant Lovers: To the Excelsior!

A new combination Lao-Thai restaurant opened in the Excelsior on New Year's Day, and 'hounds are on it. Chowhound member soupçon drops t... READ MORE

PizzaHacker Debuts in Old Inkas Space

PizzaHacker moves from pop-up to perma with a takeover of the old Inkas space on Mission Street. One early report crows that the new loca... READ MORE

3 Dive Bar Veggie Burgers We Love

3 Dive Bar Veggie Burgers We Love

We all want to eat better in January and February, but kale smoothies lose their charm after about number 3. Our adjusted resolution for... READ MORE

San Francisco’s Best Bites of 2013

The San Francisco board's annual "Best Bites" list is a quick way to see which dishes were at the top of the pile for locals and tourists... READ MORE