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Petaluma’s Central Market Is Back

Petaluma's Central Market has reopened. Early Chowhound reports have a bit of advice for anyone within driving distance: Go. Sounds like ... READ MORE

A Woman in SF Is Barrel-Aging Sriracha, and It’s Awesome

A Woman in SF Is Barrel-Aging Sriracha, and It’s Awesome

Lisa Murphy (above) came to CHOW's offices in San Francisco last year to show off some delicious ketchup she’d been making under the name Sosu. She was leaving soon for Southeast Asia—to do Sriracha research, she said, to eventually produce some with a Sosu label. Lisa drifted back to my inbox last month, to tell me about her Kickstarter campaign and with something new to taste: barrel-aged Sriracha, the result of her vision quest in Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos. READ MORE

Olive Oil Finds in Wine Country

During a trip to the wine country north of San Francisco, stop by one of the olive oil producers in Sonoma or Napa to find fine-quality o... READ MORE

A Taste of the Caribbean in the Bay

Caribbean food reflects a melding of cultures in the islands, with touches of African, Spanish, French, and other cuisines. In the Bay Ar... READ MORE

SF Spots for Loading Up on Local

When seeking exceptional ingredients that are made in the Bay Area, the Ferry Building provides easy one-stop shopping for olive oil, win... READ MORE

Crispy Cuban Croquetas North of SF

"Old school Miami Cuban," says one admirer of San Rafael's new El Chevere. Skip the line at nearby Sol Food and sink your teeth into El C... READ MORE

SF Early Report on Kin Khao, Thai Food Chez Pim

Kin Khao, the new Thai restaurant from Pim Techamuanvivit of blog Chez Pim and Chef Michael Gaines from Manresa in Los Gatos, has opened ... READ MORE

Ponying Up for Brazilian Pastries in the East Bay

Richmond's Tempero Goiano, a Brazilian restaurant, looks out for both bird-like appetites and big eaters. For a light bite, one Chowhound... READ MORE

Berkeley’s Cult French Butter Addiction

Your new addiction is calling and it wants your $7.50. That's the price for 250g of a rare fermented French butter beloved by chefs; find ... READ MORE

Take-Home Gems from SF’s Dumpling Master

Kingdom of Dumpling in San Francisco, which moved last year to Taraval from Noriega, sells frozen dumplings and potstickers that you can ... READ MORE