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Restaurant recommendations, new openings, and highlights from the SF Chowhound community.
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House of the Rising Clay Pot

House of Clay Pot has expanded into a mini-chain almost overnight. READ MORE

Dago Mary’s – Just Like Rochester in the Seventies

What is Dago Mary’s? It’s part old-school Italian and part old-school Californian. READ MORE

Harshly, I Parley for Parsley. Parse Me.

Why, oh why, is parsley so neglected in our modern world? Its delicate fragrance, its green zippiness, its fresh splendor–we must celebrate parsley more. We declare this The Half-Week of Parsley. READ MORE

Fried Chicken Salad?!?!

Bakesale Betty is justly renowned for fried chicken and coleslaw sandwiches. But they also make delicious fried chicken salad. READ MORE

More on Tribu Grill

Chowhounds have descended on that Filipino home-cooking heaven, Tribu Grill, to more fully explore its menu. READ MORE

East Bay Philly Cheesesteak Roundup

Hollow Leg has visited every Philly cheesesteak place he can find in the East Bay. And the winner is ... READ MORE

Fine Soup Noodles, Roast Duck

Scarf excellent soup noodles at BBQ and Noodle Garden. READ MORE

Perfect Chicken Feet

gordon wing says the best chicken feet in the area are at Joy Luck. They’re just about perfect, fluffy in texture, and all the skin and cartilage come off easily. READ MORE

Cafe Taiwan

You’ll find lots of unique and lovely little snacks at Cafe Taiwan, many of which are impossible to find elsewhere the Bay Area. And, best of all, they make some magical and rare Hakka specialties. READ MORE

New Beer Store and Tasting Room

City Beer is a newly opened beer store and tasting room unlike any other beer store around. READ MORE