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Restaurant recommendations, new openings, and highlights from the SF Chowhound community.
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A Little Happy Fried Chicken Family

Korean fried chicken is a mysterious and marvelous thing. READ MORE

328 Hot Pot

There are four soup bases on offer–original, hot and spicy Sichuan, satay, and Chinese herb. READ MORE

Charles Chocolates

Hounds like the chocolates at the newly-opened Charles Chocolates store, especially the Mojito Hearts. READ MORE

Real Goulash

ashleys is impressed with the Hungarian food at DJ’s Bistro. READ MORE

BBQ Man Café

BBQ Man Café, while not wonderful, has improved since it opened. READ MORE

Boudin Blanc

gordon wing recommends the delicious boudin blanc sausage from Taylor’s Sausage. READ MORE

Old-School Egg Foo Young

Egg foo young is one of those dishes that was largely popularized in a bygone time, but is still comforting. READ MORE

Best Taste Restaurant

Best Taste is prime chowhounding grounds. They serve excellent, sophisticated food for very low prices–like a very refined soup of black chicken, ginseng, and jujubes ($1.99). READ MORE

Australian Meat Pies

Aussie meat pies recreated for American palates often consist of tough crusts stuffed with ingredients that are too good for you, says Tabetai yo. READ MORE

That Coffee Guy Named Wayne

The procedure for acquiring the coffee is a bit weird–you slide your money through a mail slot, and Wayne has your coffee waiting for you in a box outside. READ MORE