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The Best Cheesesteak on the West Coast

Plus Tastykakes in the fridge. READ MORE

Caramelized Catfish Clay Pot

Simmered in a sauce of liquid caramel, fish sauce, and ground black pepper. READ MORE

Hyperaddictive Fried Rice Cracker

Sweet Thai wafers are crackly-crisp. READ MORE

New Afghan Kebab Joint

Delicious and absolutely brimming with flavor. READ MORE

Pig of Sky and Water

Smoked duck, like ham. READ MORE

Thai Contenders

Ton Yong Thai Café in San Francisco’s Chinatown, and Green Papaya Deli in Oakland. READ MORE

Primal Smear

Berkeley Bagel sells a good water-boiled bagel, with a satisfying chew and a nice skin. READ MORE

The Truly Massive Insider’s Guide to the Cheeseboard

A lovely platter of choice Berkeley Cheeseboard Collective advice. READ MORE

New Szechuan Gloriousness

The spicy flames of Panda Country Kitchen. READ MORE

The Last Real Diner

Tennessee Grill may be the last of its kind in San Francisco. READ MORE