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Better than the Fatted Calf?!?!

Columbus Salame’s crespone and toma surpass the Fatted Calf’s charcuterie. READ MORE

Hard-core Thai Boat Noodle Quest

Boat noodle is a Thai specialty not for the easily frightened, a soup that’s deeply beefy and funky. READ MORE

Almond Croissant Taste Test

Some of our dedicated Chowhounds hit up every pastry joint they could find in search of the best almond croissant in the Bay Area. READ MORE

South Italian Pastries, a Hidden Wonder

Sfoglia is packed full of Southern Italian gems—cannolis, tarts, pizzettas, and more. READ MORE

A Glorious Bowl of Lamb Tendon

Deezi Café’s kaleh pacheh is a gorgeously gelatinous bowl of boiled lamb tongue, tendon, and cheeks, in its own broth. READ MORE

Extreme Dessert Tasting

Recommendations in hand, one intrepid Chowhound samples many, many desserts. READ MORE

Indian Curry Meets Texas BBQ

Beef rendang is the thing to get at Old Town Café in Dublin. READ MORE

Hand-Pulled Noodles at Imperial Tea Court

They’ve got a nice chewy bite to them, and a good sauce. READ MORE

A Flawless Ristretto in San Jose

An astoundingly skilled set of baristas are pulling awesome espressos in downtown San Jose. READ MORE

Coffee Rubbed Pork Shoulder at Range

It’s pretty much the best comfort food you could find—not subtle, not delicate, but just one big platter of tender, heavy, slow-cooked pork, with creamy hominy and braised greens. READ MORE