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Chocolate Chip Cookies to Die For

Perfect recipes, whether you like them crisp or chewy. READ MORE

Coq au Vin for the Cold Months

A hearty dish of chicken braised in red wine, with rustic roots. READ MORE

DIY Sea Salt

Can you make your own sea salt? Should you? READ MORE

What to Drink in 2010

Paul Blow

A wine, beer, and cocktail forecast. READ MORE

All Hail the iPhone-Cheese Cyborg

Here's a holiday image for you: an iPhone fully integrated with festive cheese. READ MORE

Up at the Break of Dawn

Breakfast and lunch worth waking up early for. READ MORE

Real-Deal Pizza

Costa Mesa's artisanal pies. READ MORE

Addictive, Spicy Chinese Food

Sweet heat at Yunnan 168. READ MORE

Water That’s Less Boring

This week's mission: The world's simplest drink gets complicated. READ MORE

Mostarda Is In

This Italian preserved fruit relish is great on meats. READ MORE