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The Big Oreo Shocker

This week's mission: sugar-free sandwich cookies. READ MORE

Controversial Lunchables Strike Again

This week's mission: The new Chicken + American Sub Sandwich. READ MORE

The Simple Goodness of Fresh Black-Eyed Peas

Dishes built around the versatile legume. READ MORE

Overheard on the Home Cooking Board

Better bamboo shoots; the importance of consistency in cooking; never-fail pie crust. READ MORE

The World’s Greatest KC BBQ Video

Tech N9ne's video for O.G. represents one of the greatest tributes to midwestern grub ever recorded. READ MORE

Paper Wine List, Meet iPad Wine List

Can I see the other wine list, please? The one I know how to use? READ MORE

Repeat After Me: Very, Very, Hot

How to convince the server at a restaurant that you can handle seriously spicy food. READ MORE

Upscaling the Doughnut

In San Francisco, doughnuts are Dynamo. READ MORE

What the *&@#%!$ Should I Do with All This Fresh Garlic?

Not enough vampires to repel. I guess I'll confit it for later. READ MORE

Trying Our Hand at Video

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Talking about the upcoming CHOW Tour. WATCH THE VIDEO