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A Coffee Table Book for Food Voyeurs

A fascinating book just showed up at CHOW HQ called What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets. The big coffee table photo book p... READ MORE

Salty Snacks with Virtue

There's no denying that salty snacks are a perfect accompaniment to beer, but it doesn't take many nuts or fried chips to pack a caloric wa... READ MORE

Overheard on the Home Cooking Board

"It is hard to blend cinnamon into liquids for things like glazes. But it will dissolve in alcohol, so mix it with vanilla extract or ... READ MORE

The City Jam Scam

A few days ago, I got an announcement about a jamming workshop being held on August 23 in Park Slope, Brooklyn, at a very expensive bar (borderline museum of precious beverage) called Beer Table. The first line of the announcement read: "Peak season and you haven't yet preserved summer's bounty?" It's limited to 12 participants and costs $50. READ MORE

Minimalist Chicken Wings with Maximum Flavor

Sometimes the shortest ingredient list yields a dish with irresistible flavor; it's all in how the ingredients are used. Such is the case w... READ MORE

When Meatloaf Escapes the Pan

There are two schools of meatloaf-making: One gives thumbs-up to baking in a loaf pan; one pats out the loaf free-form on a baking sheet. P... READ MORE

The Anatomy of a Burger Lover

Josh Ozersky, burger lover extraordinaire, takes a moment on tape to analyze himself and his fellow burger lovers. READ MORE

New Stoner Food Alert

It's always fun to award points for originality. Q-Bees are—brace yourself, this gets weird—frozen Rice Krispies Treats–style bars that are filled with a core of ice cream. READ MORE

Wine Gets Some Rock ’n’ Roll Cred

Paul Blow

The guy next to me in line for a glass of Cep rosé at last weekend's Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco had come all the way from Hawaii to see the Kings of Leon and a few other bands. But, he told me, "I can't believe I'm spending so much time in the wine tent." READ MORE

Overheard on the Boston Board

"[A] quarter pound of Spence smoked salmon, capers, red onion, tarragon mayo, lettuce on toasted cornbread. It may seem pricey at 12 o... READ MORE