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Overheard on the General Topics Board

"Interested to hear if anyone has had this Saturday night special stew made from freshly butchered offal—brain, heart, kidneys. ... READ MORE

The Two Best Places to Swoon Over Cheese

There are fine cheese shops aplenty in the Boston area, but the 'mongers recommended by hound after hound boil down to two places. First... READ MORE

Farm to Table Close to the City

red_zinger is looking for an "experience" restaurant, "something a little different." Whatchoo got, Boston? The farm dinner series offered... READ MORE

Actual Serving Size: One-Third of What You’ll Actually Eat

What we actually eat and what a "serving size" actually is are two radically different things. READ MORE

The Tiniest (Functional) Corkscrew in the World

British company True Utility makes stuff like heavy-duty LED flashlights and mini multipurpose tools that clip on your key ring. Now, the... READ MORE

Culturally Insensitive Takeout

Dear Helena, My in-laws, who are in their 50s, insist on referring to Chinese food as "Oriental food," and it drives me crazy. My husban... READ MORE

Stunning Danish Ice Cream

"Dunno why it has not gotten more love [on CHOW], but people need to try this place," says ipsedixit—it's "outrageously good." ipsedixit ... READ MORE

The $29 Dry-Aged Burger: Undeniably Delicious

At Burger Kitchen, you can now pay $29 for a burger. It's "The Natural," one of their two burgers built around a Pat La Frieda beef patty... READ MORE

Subtle, Amazing Chipilin Tamales

Near the cashier at La Adelita, RicRios found something utterly surprising—tray of tamales de chipilin. These are rare, rare, rare, and R... READ MORE

Overheard on the Los Angeles Board

"The most unique dish was what I would describe as a "Persian" mole. It contained toasted walnuts, pomegranate, and a bunch of other i... READ MORE