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Meet the Waffle of the Future

A site called Quirky may soon bring us the waffles of tomorrow: waffle cups. READ MORE

Granola-Fruit Pizza Is a Doughy Travesty

Attention, Kellogg's: What, exactly, was wrong with the charming combination of fruit, granola, and yogurt? That's the seriously troubling question raised by the new Eggo Real Fruit Pizza, a fresh entry in the ever-expanding "how do we cater to the big baby known as America" market of premade frozen breakfast foods. According to this product, it's not enough to combine fruit, granola, and Neufchâtel cheese—we gotta slap that stuff onto a pizza crust before people can realistically be expected to eat it for breakfast. READ MORE

Late-Summer Salad Days

It must be something she ate. jisforjenn, an avowed "meat and carbs kind of gal," finds herself unaccountably dreaming of salad. In particu... READ MORE

A Bean Recipe Seasoned with Communism

In the 1950s and '60s, no Cuban-American bride worked her way through a pile of wedding gifts without finding at least one copy of Cocino al Minuto or Cocina Criolla, the books written by Nitza Villapol, often called the "Julia Child of Cuba." To this day, her books remain indispensable in Cuban households worldwide, and countless eaters have tasted her black beans or arroz con pollo. But Villapol, who lived in Cuba, never received a penny for her U.S. sales, and though everyone loves Nitza's recipes, they don't necessarily love her politics. READ MORE

Sardinian Explorations in Brooklyn Heights

Specialties from Sardinia are among the smart orders at River Deli, which opened in May in Brooklyn Heights. One standout is malloreddus ... READ MORE

Bar Agricole, Now or Later

Bar Agricole is a great addition to the SOMA late night (or any time) dining scene, says Robert Lauriston. "Grilled squid with rapini, fr... READ MORE

The World According to Mr. Tasty

From burgers to empanadas, Greek salad to Shanghai chicken rolls, Mr. Tasty has you covered. Under a red-and-orange awning with a smiling... READ MORE

Overheard on the New York Boards

"If you like oysters and marrow imagine they made a baby. Yum." – 2slices on sea urchin at Kanoyama "Don't laugh but I... READ MORE

Steakhouse Owners Show Ramen Love

When folks think of Alexander's Steakhouse, they usually think of, well, steak. Kobe steak, maybe. But not ramen. Surprise! "Chef Stout and... READ MORE

Gator’s Back with San Jose’s Bayonne

Chef Gator Thompson, whose last restaurant Dollie Marie's was mourned by his fans after it closed, has a new Southern (New Orleans, actuall... READ MORE