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The Crepe of the Vietnamese

A Vietnamese crepe (banh xeo) is a more hot-blooded affair than a French crepe. READ MORE

Daim Cake at Ikea

The Swedes love Daim cake. It’s made from an almondy biscuit batter that yields a thin cake. The cake is covered with chopped pieces of Daim candy (similar to Heath bars) and milk chocolate. It’s very sweet and rich. READ MORE

Italian Meal Courses

The traditional ordering of courses for a classic Italian meal, says Robert Lauriston, is as follows… READ MORE

What the Devil’s Got into Your Eggs?

Hounds offer up their favorite variations for filling deviled eggs. READ MORE

Thai Satay

Nearly every Thai standard on Thai Satay’s menu is prepared either competently or brilliantly. READ MORE

Korean Fire Chicken

umetaro found a buldalk restaurant during a drunken post-sushi stumble. READ MORE

Lobster New England-Style: At Frugal Prices

The Palm is offering a lobster dinner deal, through Aug. 19. READ MORE

Meatless Thai, Still Full of Flavor

The food at Busaba, a new vegetarian Thai restaurant, doesn’t suffer from a lack of meat. READ MORE

Soda Shop: Time-Capsule Fountain Treats in Tribeca

Tribeca’s Soda Shop, just entering its first summer, serves up cooling treats with a dollop of nostalgia. READ MORE

Brunch-Time Surprise at Park Slope’s Sakura Cafe

Here’s a hound-worthy brunch bite at Park Slope’s Sakura Cafe: ebi-tama, a nicely seasoned, well-made omelette with a few shrimp inside. READ MORE