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Tucked Away in Pasadena, Magnolia Blooms

Open for almost a year, Magnolia is a great local pub in Pasadena, tucked away in what used to be a floral shop, says The Oracle. ... READ MORE

Pho Hoai Revisited: True Vietnamese in Brooklyn

Chicken in rich yellow curry, grilled shrimp over rice vermicelli, and salmon in a lively casserole with ginger and scallions are some of the things they do well at Pho Hoai, which has two locations in Brooklyn. “Very authentic–none of the overly sweet READ MORE

At Westville, an Unbeatable Chicken Reuben

Westville makes a chicken reuben that you shouldn’t miss, insists jungirl. ... READ MORE

Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried green tomatoes are all kinds of delicious, but the trick is getting your paws on some green tomatoes. If you grow tomatoes–or know someone who does–then you can fry up all the end-of-season tomatoes that won’t have time to ripen and have yoursel READ MORE

Pollo Pibil

Pollo pibil is a Yucatecan dish: chicken marinated in achiote paste and sour orange juice and baked in banana leaves. ... READ MORE

Defrosting Your Brain

If you’re a slushy drink lover but hate that ice-pick-though-your-skull feeling, try taking a sip of warm water right after it hits. There’s an artery in the back of your throat that constricts, causing the brain freeze, explains Biggie. ... READ MORE

Spread Em!

As the weather cools, hounds chime in with their favorite toasted bread and spread combinations: Portuguese sweet bread, lightly toasted with fresh butter goes so well with a cup of coffee, sighs chowdear. ... READ MORE

Paula Deen: Pied Piper?

Ratings are down at the Food Network, with established stars leaving for greener pastures. Hoping to attract younger viewers, the network’s pinning its hopes on—Paula Deen? READ MORE

Semi Homemade? SUPER Homemade!

Brit site Pimp My Snack proves that there’s something strangely alluring about a handmade 2-foot-long Pocky stick, a quart-sized gummy Coke bottle, and a pizza-sized Oreo cookie. READ MORE

Virginia Chowconnaissance: Two Days in High Gear

There are three modes of dining: going to a known place, taking a random stab and hoping for the best, and chowconnaissance. READ MORE