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Classic Bran Muffins and Blueberry Pie

FatApple’s serves up stunning pies, and classic bran muffins, says rworange. READ MORE

How Fake Meat Is Made

Fungus, soy, and wheat gluten all need styling gel before they're ready to play the part of meat. READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost to Go Organic?

We shopped at large chain stores (Safeway and Albertson's) for most regular and organic groceries and turned to Whole Foods to get harder-to-find organic items like meat and certain condiments. Organic food is invariably packaged in smaller sizes and, as READ MORE

Why Are Shopping Carts So Hard to Steer?

It's not you, it's those pesky wheels. READ MORE

Should Your Wine Guy be Selling Cars?

Andy Besch and Ellen Kaye, authors of _The Wine Guy: Everything You Want to Know About Buying and Enjoying Wine from Someone Who Sells It_ tell you how to grill your wine seller. READ MORE

That’s Not Wasabi

Fresh wasabi is virtually unheard of outside Japan. Faking it is easier and cheaper than trying to find the real thing. READ MORE

Burden of Proof

When compared with, say, a typical 86-proof cognac, your typical wine would seem about as threatening as a bottle of Evian --right? But the alcohol level in wine varies. READ MORE

Something Like Savory

Umami is one of the basic flavors perceived by the human tongue, along with sweet, bitter, sour, and salty. It comes from the amino acid glutamate, which is related, but not identical to, the unpopular flavor enhancer MSG. READ MORE


Conversation with a Cocktail Epicure

Alberta Straub, once described as "the Alice Waters of booze," has been mixing up sublime adult beverages made with herbs, spices, and fresh fruits and vegetables for the past six years at San Francisco's Orbit Room Cafe. READ MORE

Coop de Ville

If your neighbors are wary, a gift of fresh-laid eggs may change their minds. READ MORE