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Savory Oatmeal

For those who don’t like oatmeal with sweet accompaniments, there are plenty of interesting savory possibilities. Especially with robustly textured steel cut oats, a combo as simple as butter and garlic can be deeply satisfying. Also try: scallions, t READ MORE

Dim Sum 101

Dim Sum is like a Chinese smorgasbord on wheels. It makes for a wonderful communal brunch or lunch. The more people you have, the more dishes you can sample. Scope out what others are choosing, if you’re unsure about the selections. ... READ MORE

Good-for-You Frozen Yogurt

You can freeze yogurt with no problem. All the healthy good stuff in it isn’t destroyed. For a satisfying treat, freeze some of the yogurt-filled tubes available from Stonyfield farms and other brands. ... READ MORE

A Tale of Two Cooks

Online foodie community eGullet is hosting two very different dish-with-the-chef forums right now. The Q&A with Jose Andres promises to be fairly buttoned up, while a diary-esque series by chef Joseph Carey is wild and unedited in the best possible way. READ MORE

Honeycrisp. Ask for It by Name.

The darling of this year’s food section, the Honeycrisp apple is propagating its way into your life. READ MORE

Open My Wine First

If you bring food or drink for your hosts at a dinner party, are they required to share it with the guests? READ MORE

California Roll, Dragon Roll, Nematode Roll?

Fish, both wild and farmed, contain parasites. They're gross but easy to get rid of. READ MORE

How to Set Up a Buffet Table

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A Mighty Mouse Is a Healthier Mouse

No more Buzz Lightyear Happy Meals, says Disney, as the cartoon behemoth plans to ax unhealthy endorsements by its hotshot characters. READ MORE

Fresh Solutions for Nonexistent Tableware Problems

Gourmet’s Good Living section features “Fork Art,” a profile of an innovative new cutlery set by Ferran Adrià of El Bulli. READ MORE