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And the Best Sausage Pizza Is…

The best sausage pizza in all of the Bay Area is at Nizza La Bella, reports rworange. The thing to order here is the “For Lombardi” pizza, with fennel sausage and aged mozzerella. They make their own sausage and their own cheese. The sausage embodies ev READ MORE

Tofu Tip

The life of store-bought tofu can be extended for a long time. Just store it in a brine solution of tap water and kosher salt. Do change the water occasionally (i.e., every other day or so). ... READ MORE

Milkshake in a Bottle

Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, Cherry Garcia, and Fudge Brownie ice cream flavors now come in milkshake form, bottled a la Starbuck’s Frappuccino. Made with shelf-stable milk, they don’t require refrigeration (chill before drinking, though). ... READ MORE

Best References for Fast Meals

Chowhound-recommended cookbooks… READ MORE

Wild Blueberry Cream Pie

If you’re able to get your hands on some fresh or frozen wild blueberries from the Northeast, this recipe (courtesy of Candy) is the perfect way to showcase both their intense flavor and deep color. Chock-full of tiny wild berries, when you cut into the READ MORE

Holsten’s: Good Old-Fashioned Ice Cream in Bloomfield, NJ

What keeps people coming back to the venerable Holsten’s, established 1939, is ice cream of superior flavor and creamy texture. Vanilla fudge, nutty coconut, and cookies-n-cream are big favorites. Also, anything “chip”–coffee chip, mint chip, or chocola READ MORE

Cubanos from Manhattanville to Long Island City

Flor de Broadway, a bare-bones corner shop in Manhattanville, does little more than Cuban sandwiches, and they kill, says Alan Henderson. Downtown, the Sophie’s mini-chain continues to turn out decent cheap Cubanos. ... READ MORE

Gelato from the Old Country’s Old School

If you like real gelato, run, don’t walk to Bulgarini, hidden away in the courtyard of the Pacific Asia Museum, says revets2. Recently raved about in LA Weekly, thes READ MORE

Filipino Finds

The super-friendly, family-owned Filipino restaurant Alejandro’s has a great crew in the kitchen, says grc, including chefs from the well-regarded, now defunct Barrio Fiesta. Alejandro’s, which has been open about six months, is a good place to get a ra READ MORE

New Salvadoran

Platano is a brand new Salvadoran place. The space is partially unfinished, but their kitchen is already up and running and producing excellent food, reports maus1. ... READ MORE