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I Want My BudTV

According to a report in Advertising Age, Anheuser-Busch will be launching its very own in-house film and production company. No, I haven’t been drinking. READ MORE

Meat and its makers

As if omnivores didn’t already have enough reasons to be picky about their protein sources, recent reports indicate that conventional meat companies routinely inject their products with salt, sugar, water, and other schmutz to “enhance” taste. READ MORE

Did he leave a trail of foam behind him?

Sources at eGullet say the brainy creations whipped by under-30, post-postmodern chef Paul Liebrandt are no longer on the menu at Gilt, the breathlessly expensive restaurant cooling down in the old Le Cirque 2000 space. READ MORE

Girl vs. lobster tail

It’s Battle Crustacean at Food Musings, where Catherine gamely takes on the task of preparing lobster tail as a late Saturday supper for herself and Mr. Food Musings. The saga unfolds in seventeen acts, which include tears, bloodshed (yes, bloodshed!) and READ MORE

Eye-Opening Taquitos, and the Best Taco Salad Ever

El Jarro is spectacular, reports anli. It’s all about freshness. Chicken taquitos are eye opening, with excellent corn tortillas and well-seasoned filling. They’re accompanied by good, freshly made guacamole. ... READ MORE

Hot Soy Milk and Fresh Chinese Doughnuts, South Bay

A case might be made that all truly great breakfast foods involve dipping. There’s dipping doughnuts in coffee. There’s dipping churros in champurrado. There’s dipping biscuits in egg yolk. And, in China and its various annexes around the world, there’s d READ MORE

Noodling Around SGV

Jerome recounts some of his fantastic recent Chinese-restaurant pasta adventures: Ma Lan: Part of the fun here is watching the guy make the noodles. Standard Ma Lan soup noodles, double thick, and single-thickness cold noodles with sesame sauce are g READ MORE

Fresh Out of the Chocolate Box

The goodies at the new Chocolate Box Cafe are all imported from Belgium with strict attention to freshness, and they’re perfectly creamy and well flavored. Whether you choose dark chocolate mango ganache, green tea, or ginger, the flavor permeates the ent READ MORE

Tuller Bows Out, and Other News from Brooklyn and Beyond

Tuller Premium Food, a Cobble Hill destination for fancy chow, especially cheese, has changed hands and shut its doors. It’s expected to reopen soon with new ownership and a new focus: less cheese and more prepared foods, reports bothrops_asper. Some READ MORE

Promising Banh Mi at A Chau (and Other Sandwich News)

Chinatown has a new banh mi spot: A Chau Deli, and it’s a contender. Our first report says it’s in the same league as Saigon Banh Mi, a solid favorite among Manhattan hounds. squid kun reports a nicely balanced pate-and-cold cut sandwich from the newcom READ MORE