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At Blue Coral, Lobsters Gone Wild

Fashion Island now has yet another reason to spend money: Blue Coral. Almost everything on the menu looks tempting, says MEalcentric, although naturally it’s seafood-centric. The bread basket holds tender, Southern-style biscuits–a great surprise. READ MORE

Neatly Dicing Softer Cheese

If you need to cut cheeses like cheddar or Monterey jack into small dice, or reduce butter to small bits for incorporating into pastry, here’s a good tip to prevent an excercise in sticky frustration: very cold cheese and butter slice neatly. ... READ MORE

Biltmore Blueblood Blues (Plus Barbecue)

Lots of people love Asheville, and it’s on the way to Tennessee, so I stopped in to check it out. I found a town with a profound identity crisis, equal parts hippie artists, rural North Carolinians, and yuppies. READ MORE

Homemade Grenadine

Commercial grenadine syrups are usually made from corn syrup and flavorings, with little or no trace of pomegranate. Making your own grenadine is easy, and will make for superior libations. ... READ MORE

LaLoo’s Mission Fig Ice Cream

Laloo makes ice cream from goat’s milk. Their Black Mission Fig flavor has just a “shadow” of the goat’s milk, says limster. The combination is wonderful. ... READ MORE

Wild Rice Shelf Life

Wild rice isn’t rice, but a type of grass. It’s hardy stuff and will keep a very long time. Lunchbox kept some for 2 years with no detectable loss of quality. ... READ MORE

Postcard from Burgundy

Oh, to be in Burgundy for the wine harvest—the rolling vineyards, the vines turning red and gold, the anticipation and excitement. If you can’t make it this year, Chez Pim has the next best thing. READ MORE

Rum Run

Paul Blow

Spirits companies, buoyed by the popularity explosion of the mojito, are rolling out the premium rums as a potential challenger to the throne currently occupied by vodka. READ MORE

What Is Oktoberfest Beer?

How convenient that Märzen beers appear just in time for Oktoberfest. READ MORE

Watch, Drink and Be Merry

Prime time TV has liquor on its breath: USA Today reports that “[c]ocktails have replaced coffee as pop culture’s elixir of choice.” READ MORE