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Best Potato Chips Anywhere

Some potato chips you can get everywhere, but the chips made with attention and care tend to be only locally or regionally available. frenetica fondly remembers Brannigan’s Roast Beef & Mustard chips and Walker’s Lamb & Mint “Posh Chips” from her time i READ MORE

Mouth vs. Mouth

OK, all you Food Network wonks, go ahead and power up your TiVos, TiFauxs, or dinosaur VCRs: Rachael Ray and Giada De Laurentiis are facing off on Iron Chef America. READ MORE

I’ll Pay You to Kill My Steer

Free-range and grass-fed animals are big with consumers. So why won't most American slaughterhouses kill them? READ MORE

Small Servings = Long Life?

Eat less and live longer? Interest in calorie restriction is on the upswing—particularly if actual starvation isn’t on the menu. READ MORE

You’d Better Be Anorexic

Is eating really slow rude to your fellow diners? READ MORE

How to Make Vinaigrette

Play Video

Tips for a basic salad dressing. WATCH THE VIDEO

Pimp Your Burger

Mix-ins, not toppings, turn ground beef into the best burgers. READ MORE

Graveyard Picnic

Traditional Day of the Dead treats from Mexico. READ MORE

The Mouse, the Man, and the Sandwich

This month’s edition of Cook’s Country reverse-engineers and scales up the Monte Cristo sandwich, an old-school Disneyland favorite. READ MORE

Cocoa Bar: Luxe Chocolate Under Wraps in Hell’s Kitchen

Behind the unpromising facade of a Tasti D-Lite outlet in Hell’s Kitchen, there lurks a classy chocolate salon called Cocoa Bar, reports Peter Cuce. Hot chocolate, made from the good stuff like MarieBelle and Schokinag, can be stellar, depending on who’ READ MORE