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Philadelphia: Southeast Asian, Shrimp, and the Young Crab Men

Chowhound-at-large Jim Leff is eating his way across America. Read along from the beginning of his trip. READ MORE

Lukewarm Repast

Bravo is replaying Top Chef’s first season to whet viewers’ appetites for the season two, set to premiere October 18. But if anything, a second look at the show makes its flaws more glaring. READ MORE

Food porn on the brain

Tasty recipes and snappy copy do not a great food blog make—we want the tantalizing, drool-inducing photos to go along with it. These days, everyone’s talking about food porn. READ MORE

Dessert: The Final Frontier

New York magazine is up to its usual mischief: tempting already harried New York gastronomes and tantalizing the rest of us. This time, it previews dessert-centric lounges that put the sweet course first. READ MORE

Sci-fi sommelier

The age of robotic wine tasting has arrived. Does this represent a technological advancement for mankind, or are we descending into a gastronomic Matrix? READ MORE

Oakland Airport Taco Trucks

El Novillo serves the best carnitas of any taco truck Ruth Lafler has ever tried. The tripas tacos are also excellent, even for those who don’t usually like tripe. Tripas tacos are like slightly chewy, chopped-up bacon, reminiscent of chicharrones, says READ MORE

Empress’s Mysterious Decline Diagnosed

Negative posts have been accumulating over the last year about the rapid and puzzling decline in quality at the previously reliable Empress Pavilion. Chandavkl passes on the word on the street in Chinatown: Apparently two chefs have left Empress for the READ MORE

From the Magic Wok into the Saffron Spot

aving heard the raves about Magic Wok in Artesia, Abby went to see just how authentic this Filipino joint is, and declares that it was like eating her (Filipina) mom’s cooking–good, homey food without any fusioney flourishes. ... READ MORE

Tracks: Seafood Central at Penn Station

No one goes to Penn Station just to eat at Tracks, but those who wind up there report surprisingly good seafood. Simple dishes are the way to go: sweet, briny St. Simon oysters and other shellfish from the raw bar… READ MORE

Bocca Lupo: Italian Vittles and Vino in Cobble Hill

Cobble Hill’s Bocca Lupo has quickly become a neighborhood favorite for its casual vibe and Italian small plates–especially sandwiches and other bites with bread. A panino with nutty cheese, tangy broccoli rabe, and moist, meaty sausage is an early stan READ MORE