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Fire Up the Hot Pot

Hot Pot City is sort of a do-it-yourself place–each table has a cast iron griddle at its center, with a hot pot in the middle. You serve yourself ingredients from the refrigerated case in the back of the restaurant, and you can cook up hot pot soup and READ MORE

Peanut Milk

“Peanut milk” has recently emerged as a possible item of consumption in many of our communities. What’s it like? ipsedixit was “not really blown away,” which is a much more diplomatic response than that of other chowhounds. ... READ MORE

Decadent Country Ham Spread

Country ham, a bit of bourbon, and a lot of butter. That’s all there is in this rich spread pikawicca calls addictive. A southern specialty, country ham can be hard to find outside the south except via mail order, but coconutz notes that many Chinese READ MORE

Themed Dinner Parties

Chowhounds like to feed their friends at dinner parties, and what’s cooler than hosting a dinner party with a theme? Okay, it’s not that cool, but it could be fun. cackalackie suggests a Bollywood theme–serve curries, dosas, and pani poori, play B READ MORE

Battle Pie Crust

It’s East Coast versus the West Coast as two major papers battle it out for pie crust dominance! READ MORE

Sartoris Stripe Platter

This plate's a keeper. READ MORE

Rosendahl Salt & Pepper Rasps

Slinky spice dispensers. READ MORE

Jasper Morrison Coffee Maker

Make yourself a sexy lattè. READ MORE

Ghost Candelabra

Now you see it... READ MORE

In the Round Placemats

They're actually square. READ MORE