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Spinach: The Aftermath

As spinach creeps shamefacedly back onto grocery store shelves, experts pick apart the causes of the E. coli outbreak. Is there polluted poop in our food? You betcha. READ MORE

Let the Barbecue Begin

Family Diner (7911 North Carolina Highway 68 North, Stokesdale, North Carolina; 336-643-8853) is killer, a serious revelation. It left me shaken and giddy. READ MORE

A Whole Lotta Bannin’ Going On

As a New Jersey assemblyman readies a bill to ban foie gras, Anthony Bourdain and Michael Ruhlman explain why that idea’s for the birds. READ MORE

Pass the River Fish

Paul Blow

Chenin blanc is one of the most underappreciated grapes READ MORE

How to Bottle

You can get the pop in the bottles, but make sure the bottles don't pop READ MORE

Of Cabernet and Clooney

Did you know that cabernet sauvignon is the “George Clooney” of wines, attracting “sophisticates with natural, unforced elegance”? READ MORE

Playground Bet or Good Eats?

Every few months, someone decides to write an edible-insect story, mostly for the cheap shock value. But a recent Reuters piece deserves credit for actually making its subject—crickets—sound kinda … good. READ MORE

Jayakarta Restaurant: Indonesian!

Jayakarta Restaurant will be a source of great happiness to Bay Area Indonesians and anyone who wants real, hardcore Indonesian food, says Han. They do chicken particularly beautifully. Try lemper, chunks of flavorful chicken fragrant from being grilled READ MORE

Champions of Chirashi

Chirashi is the working man’s sushi lunch. It’s basically a bowl of sushi rice with a bunch of cuts of various raw fish on it, pressed down with a wooden press. Think of it as a sort of massive, frisbee-sized hunk of mega nigiri sushi. It’s not exactly lo READ MORE

Catskills Picks, from Pizza to Sushi to Venison Chili

“Keep in mind that this not France. It is upstate New York,” cautions erstwhile city slicker gala. He’s talking about eating in the Catskills, from around Oneonta to Phoenicia. That said, there’s still deliciousness to be found here. ... READ MORE