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Das Ubergeek Eats ‘Cue With a Side of Crow

Having trashed Smokin’ Jack’s in Burbank after a disastrous visit shortly after it opened, Das Ubergeek wasn’t at all psyched to go again. But an (unwilling) second visit turned out to be a totally different experience. ... READ MORE

Killer Sourdough. Try it at the Liquor Store

Stone Ground Bakery’s sourdough is the best Paul F has tasted in his lengthy memory–great tangy flavor and an almost crunchy crust. Two loaves are $6. They’ve also got other kinds of breads, cakes, and desserts–apparently they make the high-end maca READ MORE

Kick Back with a Rummy-Herby-Fruity Cocktail, and Pretend it’s Summer

These cocktails are flavored with simple syrups infused with fresh herbs, mixed with ingredients that seem summery, but can feel just right even on a cold night. To make the simple syrups, bring equal parts sugar and water to a simmer for a few minutes, t READ MORE

Jazzing Up Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix

Here are some ways hounds work wonders with that ubiquitous and cheap box of Jiffy corn muffin mix: prunefeet adds cottage cheese to the batter; it makes a moister bread, and the curds break down while it bakes. ... READ MORE

Cabot Cheese

Cabot Cheese of Vermont makes a cheddar that’s extra special, according to gordon wing. Be on the lookout for their Vintage Choice Extra Sharp; it’s sharp and complex, with a clean finish that’s free of harshnes READ MORE

Guiltless Hot Chocolate Mix

Need hot chocolate without all the calories? These recommendations go a long way toward cutting down on the sugar or fat, without sacrificing good chocolaty flavor. Swiss Miss Sugar-Free with Calcium, sweetened with Splenda, is good stuff, says *tenaci READ MORE

Rachael’s Husband Can’t Swallow Story

Did Ray-Ray’s new husband pay a lip-ringed strumpet to spit in his face and stomp on him? READ MORE

Pumpkin: It’s Not Just for Pie Anymore

That pie in the face is actually a facial. READ MORE

The Day After

What to do with the turkey leftovers? READ MORE

All Cracked Out

Nabisco dumps the 104-year-old Royal Lunch Milk Cracker, and New Englanders are pissed. READ MORE