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Cuckoo for Kugel

Everything's been coming up kugel lately. Kugel (literally "potato pudding") is sort of a baked potato pancake. Its ingredients are simple: grated (using hand or meat grinder, never a food processor) potato -- and perhaps some onion -- along with egg, sal READ MORE

Nibbles and Sips

Our low-hassle, high-payoff cocktail party. READ MORE

The Best Thing Between Sliced Bread?

McDonald’s is seeking a patent for its “novel methods of making a sandwich and novel sandwich assembly tools,” which it claims reduce prep time. But does making a sandwich upside-down and then inverting it really save time? READ MORE

A Tale of Two Chowhounds

The salesman had had quite enough of my waffling between two overcoats. Howard Turkell, 60-ish and a garment center veteran, was trying to be polite with the weirdo hipster kid who'd turned up at his third-floor shop that fateful morning, but patience had READ MORE

How to Truss a Chicken

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Don't let your roast flop about untied. WATCH THE VIDEO

Egghead vs. Bobblehead: Round One

Christopher Kimball, the bow tie–bedecked alpha male of New England’s food nerds, finally took his shot at Rachael Ray in this month’s edition of Cook’s Illustrated. READ MORE

Not Invited Back

Are you obliged to reciprocate dinner party invitations? READ MORE

Old Wine in New Boxes

Single-serve beverage boxes move from the toddler set to the restaurant table. READ MORE

When You’re Crying for Argentina but Don’t Need Steak

“Argentinean food” just means steak to a lot of people, but for more everyday food, there are a bunch of hole-in-the-wall joints that are pretty much like holes-in-the-wall in Buenos Aires. ... READ MORE

Chorizo and Eggs and Pumpkin Pancakes at Nena’s

DaveMP likes the chorizo and eggs at Nena’s Restaurant, with mild Salvadoran chorizo. It comes with queso fresco, crema, refried beans, and inch-thick sopes. And the pumpkin pancakes are really fantastic–they still make them, even though they may not READ MORE