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Trash Talk

Your garbage deserves a nice package. READ MORE

To Everything There Is a Season – Including Mallomars

Mallomars are a seasonal cookie made by Nabisco. The base is a graham cracker-like cookie topped with a pillow of marshmallow, and the whole thing is coated with dark chocolate. The good thing is that the chocolate doesn’t contain those nasty anti-melting READ MORE

Black and White and Red All Over

Stick a fork in the Michelin Man, ‘cause according to New York magazine’s Adam Platt, he’s done. READ MORE

Hack-Flack Smackdown

Self-promoters are getting seriously schooled on Chowhound and Mouthfuls, reports Gothamist. Surprisingly, it’s the users of these foodie forums who are dishing it out, not the moderators. READ MORE

I’ll Stop the World and Melt with Numerous Types of Cheese

January’s edition of Fine Cooking goes surprisingly in-depth on the topic of how to melt cheese. And this is no minor matter. READ MORE

Overachievement, in Chocolate Form

Remember those students in school who couldn’t be content with simply completing the assignment—they had to outshine everyone else? Well, this month’s food-blogger event, Sugar High Fridays, has a crop of them. READ MORE

The Friendliest Utensil

Our photographic ode to spoons READ MORE

And Now, a Word from Our Sponsor

Congress asks the FTC to get the goods on how companies market junk to kids. READ MORE

Is It OK to Use the Handicapped Restroom?

If you're not disabled, that is. READ MORE

New Eritrean in Santa Rosa

Injera cravings in Sonoma County should be immediately directed to Café Santa Trata, a new Eritrean restaurant in Santa Rosa. Combination plates are available for about $12, and come with two or three dishes, salad, and a wedge of wonderful injera. *jeanl READ MORE