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The Best Fried Squid

The calamari fritti at LoCoco’s is about the best Melanie Wong has ever had. They’re battered very lightly, so the chunks don’t cling together in the fryer–each piece remains separate. The frying is commendable; the squid turns out very tender in text READ MORE

Canele – the Lucques of the Eastside?

With Canele, Corina Weibel and Jane Choi of Corina’s Kitchen are bringing fresh, tasty Cal-Med fare to Atwater Village. Some dishes are being held over from the popular Osteria Nonni, like spaghetti with olive oil. Gazpacho is more like a rich tomato READ MORE

Japanese Curry Tips

Japanese curry has a distinctive flavor profile quite unlike those of its Indian and Southeast Asian brethren. Home cooks throughout the world make it from packets of prepared spiced roux (to see why, check out <a href=” READ MORE

The Wide World of Dumplings

There are a variety of savory dumplings that complement soups and stews. We’re talking today about the blobs of dough dropped into soups and the like, not the Asian-style stuffed dumpling. ... READ MORE

Mascarpone Madness

Looking for ways to indulge in mascarpone, the rich and luscious Italian cream cheese variant best known as the filling in tiramisu? You can go simple, and spread it on toast instead of butter…or even simpler, and follow Louise’s suggestion: “Lock the READ MORE

Interesting and Interestinger Martini Garnishes

Olives and lemon twists are old hat, compared to some of these suggestions for dirtying up your martini. A big garlic stuffed olive, or a sun-dried tomato makes a great garnish. A pepperoncini is good in cheap gin, suggests atheorist. ... READ MORE

I Can’t Swallow That

When eating well becomes an obsession: Slashfood and UK newspaper The Guardian take a look at orthorexia, a burgeoning form of OCD. READ MORE

The Plight of the Picky Eater

No vegetables, nothing with seeds—and don’t let my carrots and peas touch each other! These requests may be tolerated from a child, yet what of the adults who never grow out of the dreaded food pickiness? READ MORE

Hands Off My Chemistry Set

When can creativity be copywrited? Food & Wine digs into the controversy over avant-garde chefs stealing recipes. READ MORE

Under the Gumdrop Roof, a Heart of Darkness

An exposé in this month’s National Culinary Review offers a horrifying peek behind the curtain of the international gingerbread house industry. READ MORE