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Food & Wine & Decadence & Altruism

The Food & Wine Classic turns 25 next year, and some of the event’s goodies will slop over into the worthy coffers of the “Farm to Table” program. READ MORE

The Machine Age

Which espresso maker can stand up to the rigors of a Hollywood film set? Barry Sonnenfeld has the answer. READ MORE

Raw Sugar, Meet Fancy Butter

Butter on the West Coast, sugar on the East, as two papers take on the backbones of holiday baking. READ MORE

“Top Chef” Curdled

Mia throws in the towel after throwing up her sushi. READ MORE

Theft, Love, and Menu Consultation

Menu consultants: stealers of inspired dishes or culinary evangelists? READ MORE

A Memo to My Employer

Today, I let everyone down: you, the Chowhound and CHOW brands, and the entire CNET family. I have not just eaten badly, which would be forgivable, but I allowed myself to be sucked into a bad eating experience with eyes wide open. READ MORE

The Future of Food (The Immediate Future, That Is)

What will we be eating in 2007? Industry insiders have come up with a hot sheet of culinary trends. READ MORE

What Do Buffaloes Have to Do with Mozzarella?

We're talking water buffaloes, not bison. READ MORE

The Art of Bitching About Everything

The Art of Eating 20th-anniversary double issue is out. It features creator Edward Behr fussing about the advent of big-box stores while contributors file 4,000-word dispatches on the continuing existence of mead. READ MORE

Mmmmmm. More Mannix, Please.

Looking for a hunky charmer to flirt with in the kitchen? The search is over with Mannix, a highly charismatic Australian gourmet. We’d be happy to stay home and steam things with this looker. READ MORE