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What Is Real and What Is Shtick?

I could relate to most of Maine, but once I reached Machias, way up in the Down East—where stews are soups, stew/soups consist of magical thin milk, and strawberry pie is deliciousness from another galaxy—I started feeling very off the map. READ MORE

Tiny Bubbles, in the Grapes

The latest weapon in the healthy-eating arsenal has plenty of fizz. READ MORE

The Kangaroo Stops Here

Often touted but rarely reviewed, Phong Dinh is good for more than their famous baked catfish and exotic meats, says pleasurepalate. READ MORE

The Yum in Yum Cha

Yum Cha Cafe offers an unusual treat: brown sugar rice cakes. ipsedixit discovered this little shop tucked into the San Gabriel Superstore. READ MORE

Teance Tea Room

Teance Tea Room sells high-quality teas, predominantly Chinese teas, for brewing at home, but the real draw is the tea bar, where you can taste a variety of teas for a nominal cost. READ MORE

Bobby G’s Pizzeria

Agent 510 likes Berkeley newcomer Bobby G’s Pizzeria for the nicely charred crust and high-quality toppings on their New York-style pizza. READ MORE

Chinatown Brasserie: Dressed-Up Dim Sum and More

There’s some great upscale Chinese chow at Chinatown Brasserie, thanks in part to a dim sum master lured away from Brooklyn’s well-regarded World Tong. READ MORE

Masterly Ravioli and Other Bites Around Arthur Avenue

In the Bronx’s Little Italy, Borgatti’s is a venerated hound destination for fresh pastas, none better than its ravioli. “Totally heavenly,” sighs rose water, after trying the ones filled with ricotta. READ MORE

Cambodian Find in Echo Park

Phnom Penh is a little Cambodian gem, says lil mikey, who loves the beef salad. READ MORE

“Top Chef” Cliff: Not Enough Fluff

Marcel's hair finally gets its comeuppance. Or does it? READ MORE