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Killing Our Dreams

It turns out that owning your own craft brewery is a great way to have job satisfaction but a lousy way to make a buck. READ MORE

Is That a T-Bone in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Longing for steak on a hamburger budget? More and more folks are taking the five-finger discount, reports Slate. READ MORE

When Hunger Strikes

A little crunch, a little salt, a little sugar: These are the snacks we reach for. READ MORE

Top Martyr

The gossip and fur continue to fly as more Top Chef contestants talk to the press. READ MORE

Pork, Asian Burritos, and Raw Defiance

New York magazine has an utterly delightful story this week about David Chang, the proprietor of Momofuku Noodle Bar. Its opening anecdote paints a striking picture of a chef at war … with uppity vegetarians. READ MORE

Exquisite Gelatin Cakes

There are beautifully decorated gelatin cakes to be had from Princesse Bakery, says S U. Each layer is a different flavor–cream, espresso, chocolate–and the flavors are whispered essences, bold enough to satisfy, yet delicate. READ MORE

Creations Dessert House

Dave MP likes Creations Dessert House for the #52, sago with fresh mango juice and coconut, the perfect mochi dough, and the sweet balls with peanut and sesame paste, served warm. READ MORE

At Olive Tree, Lamb Shwarma Worth Waiting for

Olive Tree Cafe grills killer lamb shwarma, says Peter Cherches–but not all the time. READ MORE

David’s Dairy Treat: They Couldn’t Believe it Was Yogurt

David’s makes fresh, delicious, deceptively creamy black raspberry yogurt. “We actually thought for years it was ice cream!” confesses potbelliedkiln. READ MORE

Go for the Pastries, Stay for Lunch

Rubio’s Bakery may look like an unassuming panaderia, but this Guatemalan place has a ton of tasty-looking hot dishes too: chicken stew, pupusas, tamales studded with slivered vegetables, stewed beef and fried chicken. READ MORE