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Western Food, Chinese Style

Accept the Prince Cafe for what it is: American and European food, made by Chinese folks especially for Chinese audiences. READ MORE

Birds of a Feather – Yakitori Totto Hatches Torys

If you like Totto, you’ll like Torys. New York’s favorite yakitori-ya has spawned an East Side twin, taking over the upstairs space briefly occupied by Tori-gen. READ MORE

The Faux-Hostess With the Mostest

Cupcakes from Dainties knocked FoodieMcFood for a loop. Dark chocolate with ganache frosting and a shot of whipped cream inside and on top make them like the Hostess cakes of childhood, but so, so much better. READ MORE

Jewish Penicillin – It’s for All of Us

Kreplach soup at Solley’s in Sherman Oaks has excellent dumplings of good thick dough filled with well-spiced beef, says bglicklich. READ MORE

Keeping the Heat in Your Meat

Many recipes instruct you to remove meat from a pan and “keep it warm” while you deglaze the pan to make a sauce, or take other steps and add the meat back to the dish in progress. READ MORE

So Many Ways with Fresh Dill

Fresh dill works with any number of foods. It’s a great complement to fish, chicken, and potatoes, but also works well with many other vegetables. READ MORE

Cornish Game Hen

The true Cornish game hen is a crossbreed that results in a small-sized chicken. READ MORE

Elusive Altoids

Chocolate Altoids seem to appear and disappear from the stores. KJC got hooked on them…until they disappeared. READ MORE

The UK’s Tummy Troubles

Almost half of UK residents have some form of food intolerance, the Independent reports—but diagnosing the problem is still a long and difficult process. READ MORE

Killing Our Dreams

It turns out that owning your own craft brewery is a great way to have job satisfaction but a lousy way to make a buck. READ MORE