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Hounds’ Showdown Over Favorite Soup Dumplings

J&J keeps a pretty low profile, but it’s been getting a ton of good PR on the boards lately. READ MORE

Little Potato Bites

These little baked potato bites make a great appetizer (or baked in standard-size muffin cups, a good side dish), especially with a dollop of sour cream, says Candy: READ MORE

Preserved Lemons

Preserved lemons, commonly used in Moroccan cooking, are simple to make at home and keep for a long time. READ MORE

Bagel Love

Montreal bagels are small, a little sweet, doughy, and at the same time, chewy. carswell proclaims them to be the “pinnacle of bageldom”. READ MORE

Soda Made with Sugar

Soft drinks made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup definitely taste better. The trick is to find them! READ MORE

The Epidemic Spreads to the Continent

Contrary to the assertion of a recent best-selling diet book, the French rate of obesity has doubled in the past few years. READ MORE

All About the Benjamins, Er, Béchamels

This week’s New York Times Dining section features two loosely related stories on how chefs make their money and build their empires. One is thought-provoking, the other enraging. Which one is by Frank Bruni, d’ya think? READ MORE

Nuthin’ but Love for the CIA

Epicurious’s new video and blog series promises to “infiltrate the Culinary Institute of America.” Apparently by “infiltrate” they mean “run an infomercial for,” judging from an early look. READ MORE

Healthying Up the Quickie Mart

A program in Baltimore brings healthy foods to convenience stores in neighborhoods without access to a supermarket. READ MORE

“Top Chef” Upset: Sam and Elia Pack Their Knives

Only Marcel and Ilan remain to battle it out. READ MORE