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Gifting 2006: New York Reprazent!

New York magazine is frontin’ chocolate and pork for this year’s foodie-friendly holiday gifts. READ MORE

The Joyous Leaping of Uncanned Pumpkin

Melanie Wong loves the made-from-scratch pumpkin pie at Water Street Bistro. It’s coarse in texture with some pumpkin fiber and barely sweet, with a deep roasted squash flavor, and a hint of brown spices in the background. The filling is nicely set with READ MORE

La Palapa Restaurant

La Palapa is exactly the sort of restaurant Chowhound is all about. Located in a dingy building that used to be an A&W, it looks messy and uninviting–so use your nose (and your taste buds) instead of your eyes. Eat_Nopal says the proprietress was orig READ MORE

Rendezvous: Russian Revelry in Manalapan, NJ

Solid Russian chow and a hopping weekend party scene are the draws at Rendezvous. Chicken Kiev and potato vareniki (boiled dumplings) are top-notch, says RGR, who figures beef stroganoff or Ukrainian borscht with sour cream will also hit the spot as win READ MORE

Unbeatable Muffins from Buttercup Bake Shop

Buttercup Bake Shop is best known for cupcakes that some chowhounds adore and others don’t. But its muffins are can’t-miss, declares tbear (who finds the cupcakes ordinary). Blueberry and apple-cinnamon varieties both rock, especially when warm from the READ MORE

Loco for Loroco, and Other Kinds of Pupusa

Pupusas should always be made fresh to order, says ozzygee–otherwise you’re just getting a stale tortilla. Fortunately, plenty of Salvadoran places pat ‘em out the old fashioned way. Sarita’s pupusas are a bit more expensive than most ($2), but th READ MORE

Wine, Jazz, and Maryland Crabcakes

Red White and Bluezz is a wine bar featuring live jazz music (hence the reds, whites, and blues), and audience member AquaW gives a cheer for the food and wine. The menu is full of familiar foods with interesting twists, like fried mac ‘n’ cheese wi READ MORE

Stuffed Celery

Stuffed celery as an hors d’oeuvre means no peanut butter and plenty of sophisticated, savory flavors, like these: Cream cheese mixed with lots of sliced green olives and walnuts. cream cheese and smoked salmon. ... READ MORE

Does Your Stomach Really Expand if You Eat More?

We're talking about your digestive system, not your waistline. READ MORE

Using up Leftover Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce is a popular condiment in sandwiches, of course, but not just turkey sandwiches: hounds love it in cheese, pork, and peanut butter sandwiches, too. Cranberry sauce is good for breakfast, too, mixed with yougurt and granola, or as an oa READ MORE