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Mmmmmm. More Mannix, Please.

Looking for a hunky charmer to flirt with in the kitchen? The search is over with Mannix, a highly charismatic Australian gourmet. We’d be happy to stay home and steam things with this looker. READ MORE

Santa Claws

A new invention will have you electrocuting your Christmas lobster. READ MORE

Gotta Go Walk the Dog

Is it OK to leave a dinner party early? READ MORE

Deck the Halls with Beer

Holiday brews cheer the American beer market. READ MORE

Making a List, Checking It Twice

A caterer shares her pre-event to-do list. READ MORE

(Not a Particularly) Good Burger

Adam Kuban, writing over at Serious Eats, takes on the mostly thankless task of choking down a sampler of cheeseburgers from various “casual dining” restaurants. READ MORE

Pa Rum Pa Pom Pom

An article in The Boston Globe holds forth on the national fruitnomenon that is the pomegranate. READ MORE

Full of Hope and Help

Food bloggers around the world are working to give to those in need this season, raising money by raffling off a staggering array of meals, culinary experiences (coffee with Thomas Keller!), cookbooks, and more. READ MORE

Cambodian Karaoke, Cider Doughnuts, and a Trampling by Stallions

I was invited to a Cambodian lunch at Floating Rock Restaurant (144 Shirley Ave, Revere, Massachusetts; 781-286-2554), by my friend Chris, whom I cajoled into trying a durian milkshake. For those who don’t know, durian is a hyper-stinky sulphurous fruit. READ MORE

The Secret’s in the Spice Mix

National heritages hinge on these exact blends. READ MORE