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Old Beer Is New Again

Aging suds in oak casks comes back in style. READ MORE

Faking It

What cookbook “beauty shots” really look like. READ MORE

Spiritual Hunger

Ever wonder why images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary keep popping up in people’s baked goods? The L.A. Times offers an explanation. READ MORE

Death by Chocolate Robot

Doctor Who’s Daleks are evil, robotic killers. But also? Tasty. READ MORE

Mapping the Mustache

CHOW's milk taste test. READ MORE

Springtime for Hitler and Gingerbread

Just in time for Hanukkah, an Ohio artist has created an art exhibit composed of Nazi gingerbread men. READ MORE

New York’s Got Nothin’

In an engaging review of the new pizza place that has New York City food writers all agush, Gothamist’s Hungry Cabbie laments the sorry state of New York pizza. Other cities’ legendary foods, he says, are many times better. READ MORE

Brazilian Buffetification (but Great Bacon)

Back to the center of the universe, Magic Oven. I need to explain that Brazilian bakeries don’t just make sweets. They do plenty of pastries, cakes, breads, and puddings, but also salgadinhos (little salty hors d’oeuvres), sandwiches, and juices. READ MORE

Age and Beauty

Paul Blow

With mature wines bought at auction, you can have it both ways. READ MORE

For the Baby Gourmet on Your Gift List

Looking for a gift for that aspiring foodie toddler in your life? Forget building blocks. Give a wooden sushi set packed in its own bento box—ginger, wasabi, and shoyu included! READ MORE