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Putting the Tex Back in Mex

In L.A., you’re usually faced with a choice between authentic Mexican and Cal-Mex. On an obsessive quest for Tex-Mex, AdamFoodie has settled on Joselito’s and the original El Cholo on Western. READ MORE

Someone’s Back in the Kitchen at Sawtelle

Sawtelle Kitchen is finally open after a lengthy remodel—no word on the new look, but the kitchen staff is the same and the food is on track. READ MORE

Excuse me, can I have your table back?

Ever been asked to move to a new table at a restaurant after being seated? READ MORE

Tedious Medicine

If you’ve got the patience of Mother Teresa, this month’s Imbibe teaches you how to home-brew your own tonic water. READ MORE

Ideal Donut: Platonic Treats in Forest Hills

The sign outside is ancient, but the doughnuts inside are astoundingly fresh. “Ideal Donut makes the lightest, tastiest doughnuts that I remember from my childhood,” swears zeus. READ MORE

Samosa House: Superior Indian Vegetarian in Fishkill, NY

The proof might be in the pickle: Samosa House does not sound like your ordinary curry dive. READ MORE

Masterly Italian, Both Homey and Haute, at L’Orcio

The sublime Italian cooking at L’Orcio is worth a special trip to New Haven from just about anywhere, declares Jim Leff. READ MORE

Le Petit Marche: Crowd-Pleasing Bistro in Brooklyn Heights

Nicely executed bistro standards—and, let’s face it, weak neighborhood competition—have made Le Petit Marche an instant hit in Brooklyn Heights. READ MORE

The Stoned Crow: New Burger Contender in the Village

At the Stoned Crow, the main attractions have been beer and pool, not chow. But that’s changed with the arrival of a cook from Corner Bistro, home of one of New York’s best-loved hamburgers. READ MORE

Hot Chocolate Around Brooklyn

Verandah Place Deli starts with Valrhona chocolate and froths it up with whole milk. The resulting hot chocolate is thick, delicious, not too sweet, and not paralyzingly rich, like some other versions around town. READ MORE