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Restaurant recommendations, new openings, and highlights from the NY Chowhound community.
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Sausage Soup, Ginger Vodka, and Other Russian Comforts

At the Oceanview Cafe and the Anyway Cafe. READ MORE

Latin Sandwiches, Uptown and Down

For a delicious and filling meal, get a Cubano and a bowl of mondongo (tripe soup). READ MORE

At Jovia, a Surprising Italian Renaissance

Jovia, given up for dead by some observers after the departure of ace chef Josh DeChellis last year, is showing strong signs of life. READ MORE

Yunnan Discovery in Sunset Park’s Chinatown

Yunnan Flavour, a noodle joint in Sunset Park’s Chinatown, is introducing New York hounds to the robustly seasoned food of an isolated southwestern province in China. READ MORE

Tuna High and Low

Eleven Madison Park’s confit of big eye tuna and Sable’s smoked tuna salad. READ MORE

Vostok – Bukharan Find in Borough Park

You’d be hard pressed to find better lamb chops than the plump, tender Bukharan-style kebabs at Vostok. READ MORE

Korean-Style Fried Chicken Spreads Its Wings

The Korean fried chicken phenomenon, which emerged on hound radar last year, turns out to have legs. Also, killer wings. READ MORE

World-Class Wieners in East Hanover, NJ, and Other Hot Dog News

The foot-long at Jimmy Buff’s in East Hanover, NJ, is the best hot dog that lifelong wiener wonk hotdoglover has ever eaten. READ MORE

Whole Wheat Pizza Discoveries in Carroll Gardens

If you enjoy whole wheat pizza—but not the virtuous vibe that can come with it—V & R may be your kind of place. READ MORE

Superior Croissants on the Upper West Side

Soutine has been quietly turning out some of the city’s best croissants. READ MORE