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Buy a San Francisco Chef for Charity

If you ever wanted to brew at San Francisco's Magnolia, work at Chez Panisse for a day, or be invited to taste-test at the next Delfina restaurant project before it opens, now is your chance. But it'll cost you. Right now, there are 33 food-experience-related auctions on eBay that benefit La Cocina, the San Francisco–based nonprofit that helps people get their food businesses off the ground. READ MORE

Vodka Swims with the Salmon

Could salmon vodka be the most extreme flavor of the beverage ever? Short answer: yes. READ MORE

Easy-Growing Miniature Butter Lettuce

Granted, this may be an odd time of the year to write about lettuce seeds, but I'm going to do it anyway, because I am so stoked on how well a variety of butterhead lettuce called Tom Thumb is performing in my garden boxes. It produces tiny, fist-sized versions of butter lettuce, and because it's a miniature variety it matures in only about 30 days. The size makes it an ideal container-gardening crop; it really doesn't need a lot of room to grow, and it's just about the ideal portion for a single serving of salad per head. READ MORE

No Poker Face for Miss Gla’Gla

Ice cream sandwiches are not a uniquely American treat. They’re eaten in various forms in Australia, Scotland, and even Singapore, where the ice cream might be sandwiched between actual slices of bread. (CHOW recently made more traditional ones: the Snickerdoodle and the Double Chocolate Fudgy.) READ MORE

Smoke Signals

Imparting meat and other foods with a smoked flavor generally requires either a backyard grill (and a backyard to put it in) or some kind of enormous metal object you don't have room to store in your apartment cupboards. READ MORE

Quinine Your (Apéritif) Wine

New products use quinine to add a bitter edge. READ MORE

Sushi-Making Has Never Been So Nerve-Wracking

The Japanese "board" game Sushi Panic. READ MORE

Colored Cauliflower Is All Over the Place

A grocery store distributor bursts out in bright hues. READ MORE

Recipe Linens Clean Up Again

Recipes want to be free. READ MORE

6 Fruit Beers That You Can Take Seriously

No syrupy, fake fruitiness here. READ MORE