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For the Caffeine Obsessed, 15 New Coffee and Tea Items

For the Caffeine Obsessed, 15 New Coffee and Tea Items

You might be riding the Third Wave coffee and tea movement if you can discuss the aromatic nuances and mouthfeel of your preferred region of coffee bean or tea leaf, if you've made your own cold brew at home, or if you own anything decorative that extols the virtues (and necessity) of coffee or tea. READ MORE

Pudding People Rejoice: New Kozy Shack Flavor!

Pudding people love Kozy Shack. While the most popular brand of grocery-store pudding, Jell-O, has an ingredient list containing artificial this and partially hydrogenated that, taking a peek at the back of the Kozy Shack package is mighty reassuring: sugar, eggs, milk, vanilla, mostly stuff you'd find in your own kitchen. They all taste great too, better than any cornstarch-glooped thing I've mixed up myself. READ MORE

Do You Take Your iPad in the Kitchen?

One of the best things about cooking from books or paper recipes is that you can mark up the recipe as you adapt it to your own tastes. Maybe you replace half the oil in the muffins with applesauce, or you put an extra two cloves of garlic in, or dear God, it's only half a teaspoon of salt, not two tablespoons. Whatever you change, you want to remember it, and one glaring flaw of most of the electronic recipe apps out there is that they don't allow it. READ MORE

Ridiculously Good Candy Canes

I am something of a candy cane addict, so much so that when I was a child I had a strategic method of stealing canes from the Christmas tree so that my family wouldn't notice for as long as possible (the trick is to keep all the canes spaced out evenly). I'm such a junkie that I'll eat any candy cane, even those tiny ones in plastic that you buy 100 for $3. But the canes from TruSweets are the most delicious I've ever had. READ MORE

The Dogfish Head of Hard Cider

The Dogfish Head of Hard Cider

What Sam Calagione is to beer—maverick, experimenter, innovator—Joe Heron is becoming to hard cider. His two-year-old cider company, Crispin, makes traditional ciders (under both Crispin and Fox Barrel brands), but its Artisanal Reserve line and special releases are something truly unique. "Our job is to convince people it's not sweet beer, it's not something to drink because you don't like beer. We're saying, 'No, you like beer, try this,'" Heron says. READ MORE

Snooth App: Find Wine on Your Phone

The wine-rating-and-buying site Snooth released an iPhone app recently, allowing wine enthusiasts to search for wine, find nearby stores, and compare prices. It's fun to play around with, but the idiosyncrasies of wine searches online are not yet solved. And I still don't know what goes with artichokes. READ MORE

Weird New Cotton Candy Maker

Am I the only one who remembers those puffed-up round mint candies they used to sell at drugstores? It looked like they took a regular Star... READ MORE

Unnerving Knife Refrigerator Magnet

ThinkGeek, lately praised by us for its Star Trek pizza cutter, continues its headlong march into kitchen drollery with the Knife Fridge ... READ MORE

How to Make Fancy Chocolate

OK, that headline is a total red herring. If you're looking to make your own fancy chocolate, with tempering and pretty toppings, well, Google can probably help with that. But for a really simple DIY chocolate bar, try Chocri. It's like a digital salad bar! READ MORE

Star Trek Pizza Cutter

ThinkGeek, source of many clever and/or deeply nerd-influenced tchotchkes, presents the Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter, which cuts pizza... READ MORE