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Seafood Spot on Santa Monica Pier Gets a Refresh

Though it’s full of thrills, the iconic Santa Monica Pier is hardly a foodie destination. But The Albright, an upgraded version of the ... READ MORE

Where to Keep It Edgy in LA (Your Knife, That Is)

When it comes time to don your apron and get to work in the kitchen, a well-sharpened knife can make all the difference. Uneasy about usi... READ MORE

Where to Eat in Long Beach

With Modica’s deli sandwiches, Schooner or Later’s pancakes, and Enrique’s pork shank, living is indeed easy in Long Beach—and no... READ MORE

Take Two at LA’s Twins Sliders

Cheeseburgers and spicy fried chicken sandwiches reign at Twins Sliders, a small shack on Sunset Boulevard that’s been serving up sandw... READ MORE

Seeking: The Best Macarons in Los Angeles

The jury is still out on where to find the best macarons in LA, especially for 'hounds who've had the pleasure of nibbling the renowned v... READ MORE

LA Early Report on a Coffee and Pizza Newcomer

Sitting side by side like loving siblings, sister restaurants EnjoEat Classico and EnjoEat Espresso have opened in Culver City, serving u... READ MORE

Santa Monica’s Throwdown Sandwich

We're just two months into 2014, but one Chowhound has already declared this the sandwich of the year: porchetta on toasted rye, made at ... READ MORE

Chowhounds Rank Omakase Options in LA

Omakase at Shunji Japanese Cuisine is “laid back perfection” to 'hound Ciao Bob, while the chef’s choice at Urasawa is sublime in d... READ MORE

Early Report on Whiz, Cheesesteaks-Plus in Koreatown

The team behind Koreatown’s Beer Belly is known for comfort-food indulgences like duck-fat fries and buttermilk fried chicken. Now they... READ MORE

Brazilian BBQ in Torrance Is Still on Fire

Torrance’s By Brazil has been filling bellies with authentic Brazilian barbecue and other dishes for more than twenty years. Stop in f... READ MORE