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Going on a Carnitas Crawl

Craving carnitas, Robert Lu set out on a quest. Here are the notes from his top picks. READ MORE

Horn of Africa Meets the Heart of O.C.

A mountain of outrageously tasty food awaits at Merhaba, an Eritrean restaurant nearly hidden in a dingy Orange County minimall. READ MORE

Gelato, Gelato Everywhere

Gelato can now be found at the Viktor Benes bakery in the Century City Gelson's, with some very good flavors (sour cherry, pink grapefruit). READ MORE

Mad-Scientist Ice Cream

A laboratory for eclectic ice cream flavors, the LA City College-adjacent Scoops has been getting some press lately. READ MORE

Hawaiian Food Dream Factory

The cook at Aloha Food Factory says he can make anything you want. Anything? READ MORE

Hawaiian Shave Ice

True Hawaiian shave ice can be tough to find on the mainland. Key ingredients: good ice cream, adzuki (sweet red) beans, house-made syrup (and a variety of choices), and powdery, properly shaved ice. READ MORE

Fabulous Tofu Dish

“It’s been a long time (probably the early 1980s) since we’ve been able to utter “Golden Dragon” and “good food” in the same sentence…” notes Chandavkl. READ MORE

Persian in Glendale

Rarely (if ever) mentioned in discussions of Glendale’s stable of Persian and Armenian restaurants is Moon Mart, a small place tucked into a mini-mall. READ MORE

Taiwanese Restaurant Face-Off

The new branch of Ay-Chung Noodle is going head to head with fellow Taiwanese joint Nice Time Deli in Irvine. READ MORE

Tender Are the Greens

Heads up, Westsiders: this new spot specializes in farmers’ market-fresh fast food (like salads with ahi, flatiron steak, or free-range chicken). READ MORE