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Chowing Down Pinoy-Style

Crispy calamari, kare-kare, silogs, and chicken fresh out of the fryer: Filipino home cooking around L.A. READ MORE

Venturing Into the Wild West – of Indian Cuisine

Distracted by the signs in multiple languages promising catering, you might not know that Rasthal offers up hot and tasty, authentic Indian vegetarian cooking. READ MORE

Things That Make You Go Mmmm: Korean BBQ

Yissa Hwa Ro is known for its pork belly, but the beef BBQ was good enough to send caveatempty into a meat-induced swoon. READ MORE

Vito’s Is Back

Pizza-loving hounds are abuzz with news of Vito’s return. Yes, THE Vito’s. READ MORE

Reinventing the Salad Bar

The Kitchen for Exploring Foods gets mentioned a lot in responses to posts asking about caterers, but –-surprise! –-they serve lunch as well. READ MORE

Taps – Below the Radar in Brea

Taps has managed to stay beneath the radar, maybe because it superficially resembles an Olive Garden or Outback Steakhouse-type restaurant. That is, The Dreaded Chain. READ MORE

Fighting Off Fusion Phobia

Yes, Celadon is Asian fusion. But it’s fusion done right. READ MORE

The Best of Little Saigon – Pho and More

Little Saigon is big and full of restaurants—not all of which are good. So here’s a partial glovebox list of the most chowhoundly joints in the area, most of which specialize in just one, super-delicious dish. READ MORE

Ma Wants You to Eat Your Sesame Bread

There’s not much competition for Chinese Islamic restaurants since Tung Lai Shun went Taiwanese, but Ma’s beats out China Islamic by far on food and decor, says Das Ubergeek. READ MORE

Putting the Tex Back in Mex

In L.A., you’re usually faced with a choice between authentic Mexican and Cal-Mex. On an obsessive quest for Tex-Mex, AdamFoodie has settled on Joselito’s and the original El Cholo on Western. READ MORE