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Putting the Tex Back in Mex

In L.A., you’re usually faced with a choice between authentic Mexican and Cal-Mex. On an obsessive quest for Tex-Mex, AdamFoodie has settled on Joselito’s and the original El Cholo on Western. READ MORE

Someone’s Back in the Kitchen at Sawtelle

Sawtelle Kitchen is finally open after a lengthy remodel—no word on the new look, but the kitchen staff is the same and the food is on track. READ MORE

Senor Baja Is Your Guy for Shrimp Tacos

Fresh off his El Taco Nazo-Tacos Baja Ensenada faceoff, Das Ubergeek went trolling for tacos of the sea a little closer to home and discovered Senor Baja. READ MORE

Tart Fro-Yo the Italian Way

In the shadow of Pinkberry, Mondo Gelato serves up a frozen yogurt that’s way better than Pinkberry’s and cheaper too, says coco puff. READ MORE

Juicy Pork on a Spit

What could be more tempting than a hunk of pork on a spit? READ MORE

Dinner Out on the Range

After decades of serving great country breakfasts and lunches, the Pines has started serving dinner. READ MORE

Thai Boom Hits the Spot

Thai Boom is an stunner of a Chowhound find, says igj. READ MORE

Falafel of the Promised Land

What’s Israeli-style falafel? It’s any way you freaking like it. READ MORE

Got Milk? They Do

“Imagine the most luxurious and elegant creme brulee whipped into a frozen frenzy topped with fresh whipped cream and honest to God malted milk balls, and you’d have an apt description of the homemade vanilla bean milkshake for $4.75.” READ MORE

Knocked Out by a Chicken Skewer

Sister Y used to think she hated Filipino food. READ MORE