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Restaurant recommendations, new openings, and highlights from the LA Chowhound community.
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Mulitas and Much More

Taqueria Las Mulitas is one of those restaurants that we in SoCal take for granted and Chowhounds in places like Minneapolis can only dream about. Plus Sabor a Mexico. READ MORE

Foie Gras Ice Cream?

Delicieuse, Scoops, Milk, and Café Lucca offer inventive flavors. READ MORE

It’s a Chicago Pizza Showdown

In one corner is Zelo’s, a small but charming spot in Arcadia; in the other is Tony’s “Little Italy,” whose owner is from Sicily via Chicago. READ MORE

Not Your Average Java Blast

Coffee, as in that humble, American-style cuppa joe, is getting some of its own back at Groundwork and Kaldi’s. READ MORE

Where Your Skewers Await

Good things come on sharp sticks at Koshiji, a Little Tokyo joint. READ MORE

VN Chow Is in the House … or at Least the SGV

Newish in Alhambra, Nem Nuong Khanh Hoa is straight-up representing Vietnamese food in the San Gabriel Valley. READ MORE

The Kebab Around the Corner

The modest little Green Leaf Super Market dishes out surprisingly good South Asian grub. READ MORE

Shawarma and Then Some

The flavors of Soumarelo are Armenian and Mediterranean—and addictive. READ MORE

Panuchos, Tortas Ahogadas, and Tlacoyos: So This Is Santa Ana

Chowing around Santa Ana, kare_raisu found plenty that’s Chowhound-worthy. READ MORE

A Find in Little Saigon

Pho is not the only Vietnamese soup. The shrimp soup with rice noodles at Quan Vy Da stands out with fresh flavor. READ MORE