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Close to the Bone

Does a bone in the cut of meat affect the final product's tenderness? mucho gordo finds bone-in rib-eye steaks less tender than boneless ... READ MORE

Exploring Drinks from Asian Markets

"I was browsing the beverage aisle at the Asian market and felt overwhelmed," says madridista. Between the five kinds of coconut juice an... READ MORE

The Slow-Simmered Glory of Nihari

Nihari is a rich, simmered-for-hours braise of meat, onions, and spices that has become one of the iconic dishes of Pakistan. It's also o... READ MORE

Overheard on the General Topics Board

"Tacos Arabes are Mexican 'Arab-style' tacos. Originally Puebla street-food, they've become very popular and have spread to the U.S. I... READ MORE

The Ideal Fish Sandwich

What's your ideal fish sandwich? MonMauler likes to go to a dive bar on Fridays for beer and snacks. "Most of the food at this establishme... READ MORE

Will Foil Keep Your Salad Greens Fresh?

Fresh greens can start wilting in the fridge in a matter of hours, so what is the best way to keep them crisp? janniecooks fortuitously d... READ MORE

Chicken Giblets Demystified

When you buy a whole chicken, the giblets (organs) of the chicken are often included inside. Some markets also sell separate packages of ch... READ MORE

Overheard on the General Topics Board

"The Japanese stores in the suburbs do not carry tenkasu. They suggested that I make a tempura mix, drizzle it through a styrofoam cup... READ MORE

Toum: World’s Strongest Garlic Sauce?

It may look like pale, creamy mayonnaise, but appearances can be deceiving. Toum, a Lebanese garlic sauce, is one of the most garlicky fo... READ MORE

Chinese-Vietnamese Roast Duck

Whole roasted ducks (known as vit quay in Vietnamese) are the perfect takeout item; you might see them hanging in the window of a... READ MORE